One wave of ancient energy pulses inside you like a sudden flash of light, leaving you faint and weak at its power, yet so strangely full of delight. To be soaked in the red-orange glow of that supermoon rising, where every end leads to the corner of another beginning – thus were the signs… so uncompromising. Have you ever found yourself lost in a jungle of chocolate where no one can find his or her shoes, or danced on that edge, with nothing left to lose? Visions of distant tomorrows long since past paint the canvas of your mind, as the steaming mist of the rainforest dissolves into the clouds of time, whilst a cacophony of dragonflies is buzzing around your infinite parallel intention – the anamnesis of your shadow’s disguise. You will remember the suffering no more, it will no longer pulse through your last nerve… you will never be able to forget whom you really serve. There is nothing like that spontaneity in despair, bled down to the last drop, pining for repair. To be enchanted with seemingly losing one’s mind is beyond sublime, forgetting those droll comforts bringing you to the fleeting edge of time. This is all where it began for me, old friend. I can no longer remember when… but I know exactly where it should end. To light that fire again, to let it burn white hot… illuminating the wooden cat – that one whose shriek pierces like an incessant howl, through everything we are not. This sky clears on command. The stars you see are not real. The supercloud obscures half the moon, my dear invisible. Can you still feel?