By the way and parenthetically for the record, this was never about you. Eventually, everything comes perfectly into view… spiralling forth from retreating just far enough inside these walls to bring everything back into focus. Sit back and enjoy the view whilst all the paint slowly peels off the walls of the ancient ruins where you encounter the sarcophagus of the Red Queen. To have these moments of clarity, to open yourself up just long enough to allow the waves crashing on that shore to emanate forth from all those gods hidden too long within you – these are the moments that stay with you forever. The Zen within knows not loathing… only bliss. What is even more priceless is experiencing this serene slice of bliss in those fleeting seconds where you forget how completely mad the world around you truly is… there exists no greater beauty than the music playing in your head in those moments… nor any movie better than the one unfolding before you: night and day are even, the full moon rises over those two sacred temples of Illuminations and Reasons. The lone tree silhouettes against the Archer among the distant galaxies in the stars. Your spaceship awaits, dear Master. It is time to go back into that hyperspace – the signs abound. So – try not, for you need nothing more than this… and no need for a Secret Guest, for you are your own, finally and again. Another perfect sunrise will await you on that most pristine shore, and just around the corner: peace, evermore. You need nothing more than that.