This Tale Untold

Dark corners lurk bemused at their walls,
Rubbish bins aflame with a broken desire.
The body is gone, but the songs remain –
Sultry the angels, dancing through fire.

In through your cracks, drops like rain.
A cherished wanderlust, this tale untold.
Exit signs, escapes, slips, and no falls –
So closer to fraud, those dogmas of old.

A splinter at the gate of screams immortal,
Abstract streaks across plain dissolution.
Through the forest admonishing those trees –
Pay no heed to the guillotine’s retribution.

On that magic October day that never flees,
Red lights flash through my eternal delight.
Four voices echoing through nowhere portal –
Thoughts scatter that dead shrill of fright.

Seventeen reasons this dream will never die,
Live let live says no silence to wooden end.
Leaves swirling and twisting, softly whisper,
That forgotten voice of a dear old friend.