The Infinity Piknik

Hidden in inner dark corners far too long –
This most humble treat of nothing’s wrong.
Full-throttle that cliché of memory’s lapse,
Born wanton as the winds, just maybe, perhaps.

Suddenly a flash in the night, distantly near –
A dream and a scream, but nothing to fear.
Mystery excites and paves the way to bliss –
I wear the sweet thought of your every kiss.

It must seem crazy to meet the ancient ghost –
To again be reunited with your sacred host.
Sacred as the geometry’s imprinted divine,
Cosmic as the circle leading to the sublime.

Sudden stare into the void of all that’s dear,
A dream and a scream, but nothing to fear.
Intrigue late comes to replace the near-miss,
Shooting stars in my eyes forever not amiss…

Born on the sacred Fourth, laid at irony’s gate,
That child of night and Eleusinian Mystery –
Who forgot Chaos, Darkness, and the Abyss?
You supplicate sadly to the soul ruins of Tyche,
Watching as the Earth, Air & Sky cease to exist.

Spaces exist in the betwixt, not between,
Cosmic portals flail as branches to trees,
Impetus twists us into this bond reflected,
Silk-like the winds, of our velvet memories.

These two of our twilights walk the bridge into night,
This magic sunset that dares to challenge my fright…
With endless visions of you, dear 10th, I conspire –
‘Don’t cry. Just fly…’ – let’s wallow in the myre…