Let the epiphany explode into your architecture, three days early. Build your walls, and let no one pass through them. A quick return to retreat mode is often necessary – a retreat to the most inner self, in order to once again reach the whole, most sacred confluence of all the Gods within. Remember your zest… drive off again into the soporific mist – evanesce. The symbiosis of synapse and bliss. The childlike wonder returns to find that it no longer recognizes its host – a complete transformation, and with it the confirmation of a long apparent truth: there was no turning back now. So – whither, then? Into the beyond, of course… the deserted isle, forgotten by time… truths so ancient they have dissolved. They were once right before you. Hyper-intelligence, having your heart ripped out by the soul-less. I once screamed her name in my sleep – my nightmare instantly morphed into the most amazing lucid dream. This is the state in which I abide, dearest. I awake, to no one… the replications going into overdrive, again. Then by contraries do not digress through all the progressions of our photosynthetic world, stumbling through those fading neon night lights. The beyond does not know nothingness. Quiet determination then seeps through the veins… with pupils constricted, concentration that bewilders, focus razor precise… no remembrance of things past. This is your power. This is your light. This is your fancy… in these dark halls of night.