Time passes… not yet losing control. Constants stay… vibezz pulse like the murmuring waves of my memory’s apparently-not-lost cosmic portal. Suddenly you appear again… your voice ever-so-subtly just as comforting as I oh-so-fondly remember. No more questions this time around, though, my dearest. There is no more of to no one in particular… now just overwhelming the impetus to visit every last one, all the cosmic portals in through no more void – betwixt not between – the space betwixt you and me. Time passes ever so quickly… in a flash – these moments lost in your every dripping laconic auroral mnemonic – never to be neglected again, now that I have found the quiddity of you, evermore. You then become that particular – a fleeting memory that haunts me with her visits – elusive and illusory… such intrigue surely streams immortal! I fill these pages with the ravings of a most committed ninja vagabond, sinking deeper and deeper into your bonfire of infinite tomorrows, the forever undulating waves crashing on the shore – the steps you have once taken for yourself, but now and always wise enough to jump over the trap. The other side is where I see your lovely face, radiant, pensive, glowing to the edge of immortal. Are you really there yet, whilst you are everywhere? It will all be known only when your inner map reveals the X – just that spot.