This moment, this slight measure of space, must be an Atlantean vision of what lies ahead : to wit, a wild unknown as vast as the sea before me, and likely as unpredictable. Now that is surely a novel idea: everything in its right place. Could it really be so? I’m not here, this isn’t happening. Then again… has it ever been, or will it ever be, as ever, anything more or less than patently peculiar? Curious… Loneliness. It’s not quite the same as being alone. As the fog is slowly whisked away from my cloudy mind, so also the clouds over my nighttime forest. Is this…my bliss ? At times, one reaches the point where one wonders if they can even take themselves seriously anymore. At precisely this point, and not before, one turns down a different path in the forest. The prior path was as vacuous, as barren, as the dead plains that lie before a sand dune. I’m seeking out the path with the most foliage, however. A path that holds upon it decorum, but of a simple and spotless variety. I need not forget to breathe. Perhaps there is a message in the jetty before me: that I must walk unafraid into the endless night. Such a bizarre feeling to think that the answer has been in front of you all along, if indeed it is! I guess sometimes you just need to let go . . . to no longer constantly ask of yourself: what if? The trick is … just exactly when. And in the meanwhile, the trick is: DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE!!!