Is there such a thing as a happy disaster? Sideways – it changes things – from the time of your life to the time FOR your life… yeah, that one. That long-forgotten nonchalance of discarding complications at will – a stalwart of more fond days past – flies in with the cool night breeze blowing over the crystal blue water… now black with night, starkly illuminated by the fullest rays of the moon. For just this moment to let me not be surrounded by those who know less than I have forgotten is pure bliss… specifically, to be in the company of a dazzling beautiful Mexican sea princess – bliss, that. I might need an agent. Meanwhile, I am sweating glitter after barely escaping the attack of the green monkey. So I stare at Venus, yet again, thinking: yes, life does indeed end the second you are no longer interested in anything. One should never speak of the dead as if they are not still there. Such amazing things must be held sacred. Do not forget to look up at the sky, seeing the reflection of your own interstitial – but not quite yet in the 6th Sun. Whilst swimming through the depths of that cave, I wonder: what lives in this deep; what wonders await me here; where are you, my sweet, to guide the way? Now I change my gaze to be fixed upon the moon, and I wander – how often does one realize that they are actually looking at the sun? In any case, I marvel at how her pallid reflection can slice through even the cumulous… of my debris, floating into… mañana, siempre.