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 2013.04.04: Journal » Tulum, MX : IV-VI.

 2012.07.07: Journal » Tulum, MX : I-III.

 2011.12.19: Journal » '7th - III'.

 2011.12.07: Journal » '7th - II'.

 2011.11.19: Journal » '7th - I'.

 2011.10.14: Portfolio.

 2011.09.09: Journal » 'TMF'.

 2011.08.08: Journal » 'SINM'.

 2011.06.21: Journal » 'SWN'.

 2011.04.17: Portfolio / Details.

 2011.04.12: Journal » 'MPI'.

 2011.02.21: Portfolio.

 2010.08.16: Ekaterinburg » Atelier.

 2010.07.12: Praha » Atelier.

 2010.07.02: Portfolio & Quests: complete.

 2010.06.24: Contact & Details: complete.

 2010.06.17: Randomization.

 2010.06.07: Finally... v2.9.


Flickering. I. Roam.

"Ten years later, I awoke from a lucid dream, wondering which images were real, which events had transpired, and who among the witnesses and co-conspirators shared the same version(s). Did I miss that train in Berlin on purpose, or was it just the caprice of the Fates? What exactly did I leave in the velvet mist and smooth cobblestones of Zlatá Praha? Did anyone else see that girl at the Moscow airport, or was that a premonition of my long-awaited 9th 10th Muse? This is my own private BPM triangle – to find tranquility in the midst of bedlam.

Thus I wrote silences, I wrote the night... the blinking cursor of life was before me. I wanted permanent October, the autumn of my perpetual content – cool mesquite breezes and midnight walks... the blank stare... eyes that never lie... perfection. Propaganda. Provocation. Moments of passion would blow and swirl like the colourful leaves of autumn, fluttering about under the reflection of the full moon in the breeze of the haunted night. The enchanting city twisted her streets and wound her way through my circuitry, defined by Squares... and chocolate... and caramel... all of it whirring against the hiss of the swirling winds of my mind. No one considers the agony those swirling winds endure, only the effect of exposure to them.

So then... I sat on a stone throne looking into a cracked mirror, and it all made sense now: the pain, the screams... words cannot describe it all. This is how you make the plane fly backwards: 36K+ above each fading moment – every five minutes, without address, eternally between two fires... the embers reflected in these crystal-blue eyes – illumination."

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