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Design. Vision. Passion. Creation.

Studio XXIX ... is me – Troy Alaire, in design, conception, and implementation. It is my vision: in the space of photography, web design, multimedia studio and creative writing. It is the convergence of personal catharsis and passion: 25% of all proceeds from my work go to either the Organization for Aid to Refugees, Angel Coalition, or the American Himalayan Foundation. In sum - this is my attempt to counteract entropy.

It was not meant to be like this: still searching... for the 10th! None of it really matters anymore. The rope of convention just leaves you hanging by a thread, and a thin one at that. The reconnaisance phase had ended a while back. Why do I linger so? Let me share this secret - the lights will become lanterns, and the pale dirty pink and blue can become amber of hue, warming you into tomorrow like a child in her favorite blanket. The winds will no longer howl, but whisper to you, coo even, penetrating through you, all the way to your most beautiful and complete core - the very essence of the edge within. Close your eyes. Stand on that cliff with me. Allow me to share the secret. Time for a new mission. Black Ops. Deep cover. Everything new. Nothing familiar. My retreat is now full-throttle: nameless places, blank faces. This is: Project XXIX.

Gesamtkunstwerk – within these walls the images swirl, then the lens comes into focus. The castle, once in ruins, rebuilds before my eyes. I climb and scrape my way through the chasm... shooting frame after frame, opening door after door, ascending to the next level, never to see the one before. The turrets wave their tassles in the winds of time, one blank stare into the sublime. Calm in the midst of chaos - my natural environment. I thrive on it. This is... my bliss.

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